The Best Camping Gear for Motorcycles

best camping gear for motorcycles

Motorcycles and camping are both associated with a sense of freedom, so it makes sense that they go hand in hand. When you set out on a multi-day trip through the backcountry, it's necessary to have the best camping gear for motorcycles ready and waiting for your adventure.


1. Eureka Apex Solo Tent

Motorcyclists need a tent that's durable, as light as possible, and easy to setup. The Eureka Apex Solo has all of these qualities, and even some bonus features.

The Apex Solo is a freestanding tent that doesn’t require any other gear or tools to setup, which eliminates the need for extra items in your pack.

Even better, when you pack the tent down it becomes a tidy block, which fits perfectly inside the dry bags and other luggage preferred by motorcyclists.

2. KiWAV Motorcycle Kickstand

Some of the best pieces of gear are also the simplest. The KiWAV Motorcycle Kickstand is not much more than a piece of well-designed plastic.

It's small in size, but what a difference it makes in certain conditions.

When parking your motorcycle over soft, muddy, or uneven ground, the KiWAV Motorcycle Kickstand is essential. This small piece of plastic is the only thing keeping your bike from tipping over!

3. Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

On certain trips it's nearly impossible to find soft ground to spend the night.

A Klymit sleeping pad makes a massive difference between resting well and sitting uncomfortably on your motorcycle the next morning. There are few things worse than starting a long ride stiff and sore from an uncomfortable night.

This sleeping pad is designed to evenly distribute air, keeping you off the ground all night long. It's made of long chambers that prevent your bodyweight from displacing all the air to one side or the other. Plus, raised sides keep you centered on the sleeping pad.

4. Helen Two Wheels Waterproof Roll Top Sack

The Helen Two Wheels waterproof sack is made of two separate materials to maximize its waterproofing ability and keep your gear dry, even in a downpour.

The bag is laminated on the inside and polyvinyl on the exterior, keeping every drop of water out.

Therefore, you can keep riding with the confidence that all your hiking gear and clothes are dry.

5. ROK Straps

ROK straps aren't your typical tie-down straps.

These straps have a middle buckle for attachment to different parts of your bike. This allows you to arrange your gear safely and effectively.

When you have enough gear for a multi-day trip tied down behind you, it's essential that everything stays in place and remains evenly weighted. This subtle design improvement keeps your pack from slipping and prevents your gear from taking a tumble onto the road.

6. Stansport Apex Fold Up Stool

After a long day on your bike the last thing you want is a hard seat on the ground. However, many of your stopping points are unlikely to include a good chair. That means it's smart to bring your own.

And since your La-Z-Boy won't fit on the back of your bike, something lighter and more compact will have to do!

The Stansport Apex Fold Up Stool stores easily inside the provided carrying bag, and because the frame is rust resistant it can be packed outside your waterproof bag.

Best of all, the Apex stool sets up within seconds, so you'll kick back and relax at camp sooner.

7. CruzTools Speed Kit

Camping often takes you down roads you wouldn’t otherwise explore by motorcycle. Some of these roads are gravel or dirt, particularly those leading to a campsite.

Therefore, be prepared to fix minor issues with your motorcycle without access to a mechanic.

The CruzTools Speed Kit is a compact kit designed to fit within the provided storage on your motorcycle. Despite its small size, the kit contains the mechanical tools you need for most roadside repairs.

8. Pinnacle Soloist Cookset

You'll want to cook up some great meals while traveling by motorcycle, but without hearing pans clanking around on the road.

The Pinnacle Soloist Cookset offers a reasonable alternative. The set comes with a 1.1-liter pot, a plastic strainer lid, an insulated mug, a fork/spoon utensil, and stuff sack.

All these items nestle perfectly within the cooking pot, offering a compact package for cooking at your campsite.

Find the Best Camping Gear for Motorcycles

You're no long confined to urban areas, detailed maps, or set itineraries. With the best camping gear for motorcycles packed on your bike, head anywhere your two wheels take you!