7 Best Garmin Handheld GPS Devices

Best Garmin handheld GPS

The best Garmin handheld GPS devices provide a winning user experience with a combination of great battery life, display, weight, planning software, and durability.


Whether you're hiking, camping, fishing or hunting, there are a number of Garmin models that offer the features you need.

1. Montana 680

The Montana 680 is the big boy of Garmin’s handheld GPS devices. Of all the Garmin devices on this list, the Montana 680 has the best reception.

The receiver on this GPS device is made to connect you quickly and accurately, anywhere in the world.

This makes it one of the best devices on the market for the seriously adventurous.

While the Montana 680 includes a long list of “best of” features, it does have a negative attribute. The drawback of this beauty is its larger size, which can be off-putting to the recreational outdoor enthusiast.

2. Oregon 600

The standout feature of Garmin's Oregon 600 is the touchscreen. The display operates just like a smartphone, with an easy to navigate and customizable menu.

It is consistently voted one of the easiest to use handled GPS devices on the market.

The screen is made of a mineralized glass that performs in a number of different light conditions and has excellent image quality for a handheld GPS.

Finally, despite the high quality of the display screen and infrastructure, the Oregon 600 manages to stay small in size and weight. At only 7.4 ounces it is an ideal device for the minimalist adventurer.

3. GPSMAP 64st

With the GPSMAP 64st in hand, you never need to doubt your location again.

This device can concurrently access GPS and GLONASS satellites and is equipped with a quad-helix antenna.

This makes it one of the fastest Garmin handheld GPS devices when loading maps, tracking, and redrawing routes.

In live tests, the GPSMAP 64st proved to be incredibly accurate and reliable, even under dense forest and other obstructions.

4. eTREX 10

The eTREX 10 is one of the top Garmin devices because of all the value packed into its tiny price tag.

This is the perfect choice for newer hikers, hunters, or sailors in need of a functional and affordable device.

The eTREX 10 is also very intuitive, and a great introduction to the world of outdoor mapping and navigation.

The best features of the eTREX 10 are its incredibly long battery life and worldwide base map - it's ready to be used all over the globe.

5. eTREX Touch 35t

The eTrex Touch 35t is known as a rugged device for the tough outdoor enthusiast, however, there is nothing basic about the 2.6 touchscreen.

It's full color and readable in bright sunlight, which makes it easier to read the included TOPO US 100K maps.

This dependable, little device was made with the multifaceted adventurer in mind. It can withstand dust, dirt, wind, downpours, and drops.

Take it out on your mountain bike, along the roughest trail, and on the wildest seas. The eTREX Touch 35t can connect to GLONASS satellites, ensuring you always find your way home again.

6. GPSMAP 64s

The GPSMAP 64s comes with an extremely reasonable price tag, but this device still receives high praise for its reception and reliability.

The high-quality reception is due to the GPSMAP 64s’ sensitive antenna and ability to track through GPS and GLONASS satellites (along with WAAS) simultaneously.

This means your location is easily determined and locked in, no matter the terrain or obstructions.

Another winning feature on the GPSMAP 64s is its ease of navigation. This handheld GPS device lacks a touchscreen, but comes with large buttons along the bottom of the 2.6-inch screen. These are straightforward to find and simple to use, even under the most extreme conditions.

7. eTREX 30x

The eTREX 30x has an incredible 25 hours of battery life. This is an outstanding feature for a handheld GPS and will keep you on the right path over a multi-day hike.

The device is also very light, at only 4.8 ounces. This makes it an easy option for those who don't like to be weighed down. Other highlights of this little baby include its small size, incredible display screen, and 3-axis electronic compass.

This means you can carry it up any mountain, see it in all lighting, and know where you need to go under any circumstance. Time to get out and go!

Get the Best Garmin Handheld GPS

Garmin is a trendsetter in the GPS industry, and the best Garmin handheld GPS devices include the latest and greatest in terms of display, technology, and features.

You can rest assured that a Garmin device will meet your needs whether setting sail, casting a rod, or tackling a trail.