The Best Hiking Sandals for Men and Women

best hiking sandals

Hiking sandals take you from your backyard, up a mountain, and back again. The best hiking sandals on the market are designed for comfort, stability, durability, protection from rough terrain, and the ability to transition between wet and dry environments.


1. Columbia Sunbreeze (Women’s)

The Columbia Sunbreeze is an inexpensive women’s hiking sandal, particularly when compared to many other brands and styles.

However, don't let this deter you from purchasing these comfortable hiking sandals that are lightweight and minimal in style, featuring two adjustable straps.

Some hikers recommend sizing down by a ½ size, but when the Columbia Sunbreeze fits, it fits like a glove.

2. Teva Terra Fi 4 (Men’s)

Teva is synonymous with comfortable, well-made hiking sandals. It was one of the first brands to market the style, and has been a leader in the industry ever since.

The Terra Fi 4 features thick and comfortable straps that keep you comfortable over long hikes.

Best of all, the Teva Terra Fi 4 has a reasonable price tag for such high-quality footwear.

3. The North Face Storm Sandal (Men’s)

One of the best in men’s sandals is the North Face Storm sandal.

It has an open-toed design, which is unusual for the cold weather company, The North Face. However, the brand is no newcomer to outdoor wear, and these sandals are made right.

The sandals are designed to dry quickly, which makes them a great hiking option regardless of wet or dry conditions - you can transition seamlessly between the elements.

4. Keen Newport H2 (Men’s and Women’s)

Keen has been making hiking sandals for a long time and has a huge following of loyal customers who swear by these sandals. The Newport H2 is the most recent Keen sandal, and one of the best.

Comfort is one of the most important elements of a good hiking sandal, and with the Newport H2, Keen delivers. These sandals are made with serious hikers in mind, and therefore provide a tight, no slip fit that lasts.

Made for men and women, the Newport H2 is a great for any type of outdoor activity. Of course, no pair of Keen sandals is complete without the brand’s recognizable toe - it'll keep you from stubbing your toe on everything from city curbs to boulders.

5. Chaco Z2 Unaweep (Men’s)

The Chaco Z2 Unaweep is setting the bar for tough and durable men’s hiking sandals.

These bad boys have some serious stability and are made to last over long treks. This means it can take some time to break in this sandal, but once molded to your feet, you won’t want to take them off.

An added toe strap provides some additional control and keeps your feet from slipping back and forth in the sandal.

6. Keen’s Whisper Sandals (Women’s)

The Keen Whisper sandal receives high marks for great arch support and stability, a common complaint with hiking sandals.

Keen designs all its hiking sandals with versatility in mind. The Whisper sandal is capable of traversing mountainsides and or theme parks, not to mention beautiful beaches and city streets.

As with other Keen sandals, it's just as comfortable to wear this sandal for miles on pavement or dirt.

7. Columbia Ventero Sandals (Men’s)

Don't hesitate to take the Columbia Ventero sandals on longer treks or multi-day hikes, since they're widely known to last a really long time.

This is great news for regular hikers who want a reliable pair of hiking sandals that will not fall apart halfway through an outdoor adventure. The long-term durability makes these sandals a great investment.

The Columbia Ventero hiking sandals are also made to keep you safe and surefooted. The sole of these sandals features unique ridges to keep you from slipping on the trail.

8. Teva Original Sandal (Women’s)

The Teva Original sandal only seems to improve over time.

While simple and classic in shape and design, the newest Teva Originals have Durabrasian rubber on the soles, which is sturdy and slow to wear and tear. This keeps these streamlined sandals looking better, longer.

Another fantastic feature of the Teva Original sandal is that the lightweight construction takes up minimal space and weight in your pack.

Grab a Pair of the Best Hiking Sandals

The best hiking sandals provide superior comfort while remaining tough enough to withstand outdoor challenges. Picks up a pair of your own for the ultimate in outdoor versatility.