Best Snorkel Gear Reviews for Beginners

best snorkel gear reviews

The underwater world is a magical place. Couples, families, and friends dedicate entire trips exploring beautiful places to snorkel. So be certain you maximize your time in the water by reading our best snorkel gear reviews before you make a purchase.


1. Mares X-Stream Open Heel Fins

The common sentiment about the Mares X-Stream fins is that they make snorkeling effortless. Suddenly, with this top of the line gear, a great activity becomes even more enjoyable.

Glide through the water, whether you are keeping close to shore or braving a current. The kick power you get from the Mares X-Stream fins lets you the explore even greater underwater worlds.

2. Aqua Lung Linea

The Aqua Lung Linea is specifically designed to fit women. The smaller shape of the mask and broader skirt allow for plenty of contact between the mask and your skin without dealing with oversized lenses made for men.

This mask is also made with guards on the buckles to prevent your hair from catching or tangling.

Lastly, the lens on the Aqua Lung Linea sits incredibly close to the eyes for a broader field of vision in the water. But you should keep in mind that this is a premium mask made for the avid snorkeler or diver, and carries a price tag to match.

3. Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Mask & Snorkel

The Phantom Aquatics Panoramic mask and snorkel offers comfort and quality for a very reasonable price. The mask skirt on this mask is soft and malleable, for a fit that provides a tight seal without discomfort.

The snorkel is a dry snorkel, with an excellent purge function. This allows you to clear the mask while keeping your mouth and nose below the water, making it ideal for quickly clearing water without surfacing and taking out your mouthpiece.

4. Cressi Alpha Ulta Dry Snorkel

The Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry snorkel is one of the most popular snorkels on the market.

This silicone snorkel is designed to keep water out of your snorkel whether you are floating on the surface or duck diving for a closer look at fish or coral.

Plus, if any water does slip by the protective cap, it can easily be cleared through the snorkels' purge function, along with debris such as sand or sediment.

5. US Divers Travel Fins

The US Divers Travel Fins are a unique size and shape. Broader and shorter than most snorkel and diving fins, these are designed to be easier to pack. The interesting shape and lightweight design fits better in a backpack or suitcase, and easily fit in a carry-on bag.

Even better, they excel in the water, especially for maneuvering to see fish. The smaller size also places less pressure on your feet and ankles, which alleviates fatigue and tightness when snorkeling for a long period of time.

6. NRS Hydroskin Wetsocks

The NRS Hydroskin Wetsocks provide added comfort when wearing snorkel fins.

Made of neoprene, these water socks are created to insulate body heat and keep you warmer in colder waters. The cut rests just above the ankle, which allows for a full layer between fins and feet, without restricting mobility or interfering with a wetsuit.

These are thinner than many neoprene socks on the market, which means they fit better with your current pair of fins.

7. Cressi Big Eyes Mask & Snorkel

The Cressi Big Eyes mask and snorkel set is made to last through years of snorkeling adventures.

The mask is made of crystal silicone, which is a synthetic material that resists wear, tear, and won't discolor over time.

The mask’s teardrop shape is larger than other masks, but comfortably fits a number of face shapes and sizes, making it a great option for a couple or family who share a snorkel set.

8. Tribord Snorkel Mask

The Tribord Snorkel Mask is specifically designed to allow you to breathe naturally through your mouth or nose.

Also, due to the innovative design, this mask will not fog up, making it a great option for children.

The field of vision on this mask is incredible. You'll get a 180-degree view through the shatterproof lens, which ensures you'll take in all the beauty underneath the surface.

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