Going Further with Long-Distance Hiking Gear

long-distance hiking gear

When you're looking for the best long-distance hiking gear your two biggest concerns are minimizing pack weight and maximizing limited space. You need quite a few essentials to survive, and when hiking over 100 miles, you should make sure they're the right essentials.


Let's explore the right gear for your next long-distance hike!

1. Granite Gear Crown 60 Backpack

An ultralight backpack is the core of your hiking gear. While there a number of backpacks on the market designed for serious hikers, there are few that take weight seriously. The Granite Gear Crown 60 is a backpack made with long distance hikers in mind, and it is stripped of all excess straps, pockets, and padding that make a backpack heavy.

Instead, the Granite Gear Crown 60 come with the basics, such as a place to store your water bottle, front pockets to store a raincoat or light jacket, and a slender, comfortable frame. Both the men’s and women’s packs weigh in around 2 pounds.

The Granite Gear Crown 60 is built to go the distance, it has 60 liters of space and awesome 360 degree compression to fit all of your gear.

2. Mountainsmith Backpack Rain Cover

Keep all of your gear dry with a compact rain cover for your backpack. The Mountainsmith Rain Cover comes in a range of sizes from extra-small to large, fitting packs from 15 to 100 liters.

This means no matter the size of your pack the Mountainsmith rain cover is certain to fit snuggly and correctly.

Mountainsmith was founded with one goal in mind - make products that can withstand the thrashing of a backcountry adventure. This backpack rain cover upholds the company’s commitment to sturdy and long-lasting outdoor products. It's made of 90t taffeta nylon, and comes with a draw cord and closure to ensure it stays put during the heaviest downpour.

Plus, the Mountainsmith rain cover is extremely compact, and comes with a stuff sack to make storage a breeze.

3. Ledge Sports FeatherLite

The best part of any long distance hiking trip is sleeping under the stars. It's an amazing experience to hunker down in a hammock or pop tent and take in nature’s nighttime panorama.

However, the weather does not always provide the perfect conditions for outdoor slumber. An ultralight sleeping bag goes a long way to making your outdoor sleeping situation more comfortable.

The Ledge Sports Featherlite is designed for temperatures above 20 degrees. The sleeping bag opens up to fit varying heights and weights, but compresses down very tightly to fit inside your pack.

On top of that, the price for the Ledge Sports Featherlite is nearly unbeatable.

4. Black Diamond Trail Back Trek Poles

Every long-distance hiker knows that a good set of hiking poles makes the difference between going the distance and defeat, and the Black Diamond Trail Back Trek Poles are some of the best on the market.

Trekking poles take some of the effort off your legs and allow your arms to propel you forward. This evens out the impact on your body and allows you to move faster, even over tough terrain.

These trekking poles are built for stability and comfort. The poles have a durable locking mechanism that keeps users and poles upright during a tough hike. Built to last, the Black Diamond Trail Back Trek Poles are the only set you'll need on a long hike.

5. Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket

Staying warm and dry is critical in a long-distance hiking trip. Regardless of the expected weather forecast, you should always be prepared for some precipitation.

The Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket is guaranteed to keep you dry for days on end.

The Helium jacket performs its intended purpose, keeping the wearer dry, even in extreme conditions. 

 To top it off, this jacket weighs a feathery 7 ounces, which keeps extra weight out of your pack.

6. HikeGoo

Nothing sets you back on a long distance hike like an injury. One of the most common problems when logging a lot of miles is a blister.

However, HikeGoo is an advanced way to stop blisters. Over the course of your hike, HikeGoo, which comes as a thick gel, keeps a slick barrier between your socks and feet that prevents blisters from forming.

HikeGoo is specifically designed to proactively prevent blisters, and does so better than Band-Aids, moleskin, or duct tape. HikeGoo is sweat and water resistant, and it's formulated to last all day.

Therefore, you just need to apply each morning before you start to hike. This eliminates the need for bulky blister protectors and tapes in your backpack.

7. Danish Endurance Socks

What if a sock could prevent blisters and sore feet, speed up recovery time, improve performance, and increase blood circulation in your calves and feet?

Most long distance hikers would be making room in their pack immediately, and that's exactly the case with compression socks from Danish Endurance.

Hikers have found a noticeable difference in leg fatigue and tiredness when wearing Danish Endurance socks. With the socks on, people felt they could hike longer, move faster, and recover sooner. This means more miles logged during a long hike.

Get Your Long-Distance Hiking Gear

The path to successfully and enjoyably finishing a long hike begins with packing the right gear. To that end, look for long-distance hiking gear that is lightweight, compact and easy to carry.