Snorkeling Gear Reviews for Beginners

snorkeling gear reviews

If you like spending time on the water and are on the hunt for a new aquatic hobby, you'll love snorkeling. Learn about what you need to get started with our snorkeling gear reviews.



A good mask is a necessity when it comes to snorkeling. It provides the ability to take in the underwater world around you. Masks come with or without an attached snorkel, giving you the chance to customize your gear.

1. Octobermoon Panoramic Snorkel Mask

The Octobermoon Panoramic Snorkel Mask is a snorkel and mask combo that's perfect for your introduction to snorkeling.

The mask covers your entire face and offers a large viewing area.

Combine this with dependable anti-fog and anti-leak technologies, and you get a great snorkeling mask at a great price.

2. Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Tribord’s Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask gives you the comfort you need and the tools you require to spend time below the surface.

The mask is made with a shatterproof polycarbonate material for increased durability both in and out of the water.

An added bonus is their Easybreath ventilation system, which allows you to breathe naturally from your mouth or nose, making snorkeling much easier to master.


A high-quality snorkel will keep you supplied with consistent air to breathe. Allow yourself to go further than ever before with this critical piece of gear.

1. Finis Swimmer's Snorkel

The Finis Swimmer's Snorkel is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to improve their form and concentrate less on their breathing.

An adjustable head bracket allows this snorkel to be worn in conjunction with any type of goggles, and without the frustration of having to continually maintain its position.

The Finis Swimmer's Snorkel also employs an easy-to-use purge valve to keep your breathing regular and uninterrupted no matter how hard you're working.

2. Kraken Aquatics Adult Snorkel

If you're a speed demon in the water, then give the Kraken Aquatics Adult Snorkel a try.

This snorkel uses a low profile tube that creates less resistance as you move through the water.

A comfortable silicone mouthpiece provides you the chance to breathe easier and concentrate more on the aquatic world below.


Fins are an incredible addition to your snorkeling gear list. They propel you through the water faster and easier than kicking alone.

1. Finis Long Floating Fin

The Finis Long Floating Fins give you a big power boost. 

These fins come in a wide variety of sizes with a closed heel design. This allows you increased control over your kicks without damaging your ankles.

Want even more incentive? These fins float, so you never have to worry about a lost fin again!

2. Cressi Agua Short Fins

The Cressi Agua Short Fins are an incredible option for anyone looking for added power in the water.

These fins come with a self adjusting foot pocket that keeps you comfortable longer, no matter how hard you kick.

Their short blade design also allows for greater control over your movements and are highly reactive to the slightest adjustments to your kick.


While it may not seem like a common piece of snorkeling equipment, a vest is a great way to give yourself the chance to catch your breath and take in the view without the effort of keeping yourself afloat.

1. SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest

The SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest is an excellent choice for swimmers looking to stay safe while pushing their limits.

This vest has a low profile design making it less bulky than other vests on the market. But this design does nothing to limit the vest’s buoyancy, which is capable of keeping an adult afloat with ease.

The SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest is both comfortable and versatile enough for all categories of snorkelers to feel secure and ready to swim.

2. Scuba Choice Adult Snorkel Vest

No matter how strong of a swimmer you are, you need a dependable backup when you're in the water.

The Scuba Choice Adult Snorkel Vest lets you swim without limiting your capabilities at all.

You can even dive down deep while wearing this vest.

Then if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation all you need to do is inflate it for perfect buoyancy. Navy SEALs wear a version of this vest when they train, and it's been known to save lives.


No matter how hard you try, there are always times where you'll need to bring along things that can’t get wet. When situations like these arise, why chance it with a plastic bag?

Freegrace Premium Waterproof Waist Pouch

The Freegrace Premium Waterproof Waist Pouch is a great option for anyone needing to keep their valuables with them and ensure they remain dry.

With a wide variety of sizes and products available, Freegrace offers a quality product at an affordable price.

Freegrace even guarantees their products with a lifetime guarantee against any leaks.

Snorkeling Gear Reviews Wrap-up

Use these snorkeling gear reviews to make exploring the underwater world easier, and if you're looking for more information check out our best snorkel gear reviews. With the right gear, you can go further without ever having to sacrifice your safety!