The Best Ultralight Bivy Tent for Backpacking

ultralight bivy tent

Are you the type of person who's drawn to a minimalist style of camping and keeps track of every ounce you carry ? If this strikes a chord, you'll love an ultralight bivy tent.


Bivy tents let you trek as deep into the wilderness as you dare without fearing the elements or the cumbersome weight of traditional tents.

1. Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

Have you ever been deep in the wilderness only to have an unexpected storm pop up? You know it's critical to take adequate precautions against such events and stay dry.

The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy is an excellent tent that keeps you comfortable and dry in even the worst weather.

This waterproof tent comes with a Hyrdoseal and antifungal coating, providing you with a dry space to relax while waiting out the rain.

2. Winterial Personal Bivy Tent

The Winterial Personal Bivy Tent allows every camper the chance to get out into the woods without extensive equipment.

This is the perfect tent for anyone interested in three-season backpacking and camping.

This bivy features a durable, reinforced rainfly and an extra opening in the foot of the tent so you stay cool.

3. Snugpak Stratosphere Bivy Shelter

Does your inner minimalist demand gear that pack down small without excess weight? If so, the Snugpack Stratosphere is the right choice for you.

 The canopy of this tent is equipped with roll away mosquito netting and an additional layer of meshed netting underneath. These layers help to provide better air circulation without risking exposure to insects and other pesky intruders.

The Stratosphere also comes with its own compression sack and shrinks down to 12x5 inches. Weighing in at only 39 ounces, this bivy tent is made for serious campers.

4. Chinook Summit Bivy Bag

Is the thought of a bivy tent intriguing, you're unsure if it's really for you?

One of the most common fears when it comes to camping in a bivy tent is the perceived lack of room. Chinook’s Summit Bivy simply puts those fears to rest.

Thanks to its DAC featherlite poles, this tent give you the room you need to move about comfortably without exposure to the elements.

The Summit Bivy is a roomy option when you're in need of a resilient and versatile one-person tent.

5. Snugpak Ionosphere 1-Person Tent

One of the greatest worries when it comes to solo camping is not having a safe place to store your gear.

The last thing you need after a good night’s rest is to find out your pack has wandered off in the middle of the night. Thankfully, the Snugpak Ionosphere is here to help.

This low-profile bivy tent is tough enough for the harshest elements, with a spacious interior for you and your pack.

6. Catoma Adventure Shelter

Are you an active backpacker in search of the toughest climates and terrain? If so, take the Catoma Adventure Shelter out on your next journey.

This tent is battle tested and continues to provide shelter for the U.S. Army and Marines all across the world.

Set up takes mere seconds and the included insect repellent coating helps keep pests at bay while you get some well earned rest.

7. Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Tent

One of the biggest challenges of a tent is controlling the temperature - and even more so with a small one-person tent.

The key to proper temperature control is maintaining consistent airflow.

The Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Tent gives you that control thanks to multiple windows that are opened and closed as needed.

Not only does this bivy come with a flannel covered foam pad for added comfort, it gives you the option to remove the nylon ceiling. Below this is a screened covering  that keeps nighttime pests away.

Get the Best Ultralight Bivy Tent

Whether you're camping for days at a time or only need a moment to rest, an ultralight bivy tent is the perfect addition to your camping essentials. Never fear an unexpected stop again.